8-Week Audio Course

Release frustrations and effectively communicate with your children as they move through the challenging ages and stages of development.


Sandi’s all new 8-week audio course uses Authentic Parenting Power as a basis of understanding where your parenting power truly lies.


An issue arises with your child. It is very likely that in your attempt to handle it you fall into the typical parenting traps and become reactive. It often goes downhill and you find yourself yelling, threatening, punishing or wanting to run away from home. You can learn the secrets to finding your parenting power, discover a concept of discipline that is respectful and effective and raise emotionally healthy, resilient, successful children. 



Learn how to move through typical parenting challenges with wisdom, compassion and effectiveness.


Week 1: Love Is Not Enough | Intro, Chapters 1, 2

~ Give up control and learn how to handle challenging children with wisdom, courage, compassion and appropriate strategies that work miracles.


Week 2: Establish Appropriate Limits | Chapter 3

~ Set up your home environment so children are more cooperative, responsive, and delightful – at every age.


Week 3: Discipline That Really Works | Chapter 4

~ No more conventional time outs!! Release the urge to yell, threaten, or punish and discover a method of cooperation that is emotionally and physically healthy.


Week 4: The Power of Your Thoughts | Chapter 5

~ Discover what triggers you so you can shift out of the limiting beliefs that leave you feeling unappreciated, unloved and powerless.


Week 5: Avoid Typical Parenting Mistakes | Chapter 6

~ Learn how to end power struggles, re-connect with your children and be pro-active instead of reactionary.


Week 6: Understand Your Child’s Brain | Chapter 7

~ Make the connection between validation, fear, established patterns and your child’s responses. Unlock the science behind misbehavior.


Week 7: The Power of Emotions | Chapters 8, 9, 10, 11

~ Learn how to soothe tantrums, breakdowns, explosions and defiance that are actually normal reactions to emotional wounds, unmet legitimate needs and a desire for connectivity.


Week 8: Emotional, Energetic and Spirit Connections | Chapters 12, 13 and Conclusion

~ Use your inner wisdom and the Laws of the Universe to coach and model for your children how to be resilient, happy and successfully follow their passions and dreams



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