Watch our free webinar, “3 secrets for parents of highly sensitive children”

This information works for all children at any age!

Living with a Highly Sensitive Child (HSC) requires parents to deepen their understanding of what these children need. We have created a FREE webinar that will give you the tools necessary to create the family life you want— and it is our gift to you!

Melissa will give you THREE SECRETS to make parenting your Highly Sensitive Child EASIER and you won’t want to miss this!

What people are saying

“I just finished the webinar. I loved that 3rd secret! It’s something I definitely need to remember. Thank you for that.”
“I really enjoyed your webinar and found it helpful in regards to my 5 year old son.”
“I was surprised how much I had forgotten of the secrets you share. My daughter is 8.5 years old. I was a sensitive child too, but I think my daughter even much, much more so.”
“Thank you for the great webinar – I learned a lot and I thank you for all you do.”
“I’m eight minutes into your webinar and already crying. I so appreciate the work you do and the tools you teach. Thank you for sharing your insights and experience.”

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