HEALTHY SENSITIVITY is a four session program for Highly Sensitive People

Does life feel overwhelming for you?

Do you wish you knew how to navigate your intense emotions?

Are you ready to unwrap the gifts of your sensitivity?


what it is

Many highly sensitive people (HSPs) have quietly, and perhaps shamefully, wondered “what is wrong with me?”

Being highly sensitive impacts our personal, professional and familial relationships. In just four sessions you’ll learn tools to handle life with a new sense of empowerment, clarity and confidence. 

This program will help you in all relationships…
especially your relationship with yourself.

why it works

Each session will give you new understanding and practical skills to navigate your days with more ease and less overwhelm.

Often HSPs know they’re having a hard time but nothing they try seems to work. 

HEALTHY SENSITIVITY teaches solution oriented tools that will enable you to thrive in a desensitized world.


Things change when you deliberately change them!

You will not just wake up one day and be able to manage your emotions and navigate your responsibilities.

This program will give you the healthy tools and life skills to move through your days with ease and confidence.

how it works

Each week we’ll have a live 60 minute video group coaching session. Melissa will remain on the call for anyone who has questions or wants to continue working for another 15 minutes.

Live sessions are at 12:00pm PDT (3:00pm EDT // 8:00pm GMT) on Thursday October 24th, November 7th, November 21st and December 5th 2019.

All sessions will be recorded. While your attendance is not mandatory, participating in the live calls will make a dramatic difference for you.

Following each session you will receive a link to watch the video and an MP3 download of the audio that you can re-listen to as many times as you like.

Four sessions guide you through fundamental wisdom to help you understand your own sensitivity, how it impacts your relationships and includes tools and strategies that you can use immediately.

You will have the opportunity to practice and reinforce the new tools in between sessions and come back with more refined questions.

what people are saying

“I so appreciate the work you do and the tools you teach. Thank you for offering this program. Thank you for sharing your insights and experience.”
Kate, Arizona
“Thanks so much. You don’t know what it means to have your support on this journey!”
Rachelle, Indiana
“Thank you for your enthusiasm, insight and the work you’re doing for all us sensitive people. I love hearing what you have to say about it all. Just great and so helpful.”Julie, Canada
“Thanks for your great session on high sensitivity. It really was eye opening for me, helped me realize why I am the way I am, and I also noticed the eldest kid in my care is also very similar (thanks for the tools to understand each other).”
Catherine, Louisiana
“I’m doing really well and your support and input have been an ESSENTIAL part of that.”Kim, New York City
“Melissa, your insight has been amazing! Thank you for being a guiding light for me.”
Maria, New Zealand

meet your coach

Melissa Schwartz is an author, speaker and transformational coach. She is the co-founder of Leading Edge Parenting and an internationally respected expert in the field of Highly Sensitive Children. Melissa brings clarity, personal experience and compassion to her work with HSPs. She has a coaching practice supporting highly sensitive families around the world. Recently she hosted The Sensitivity Summit, the first virtual gathering of it’s kind. She is the co-author of Authentic Parenting Power and, forthcoming, Under the Hood.

Melissa is a Stanford University alumna and a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

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The entire 4 session LIVE coaching program is just $111 $199 or $33/session $59/session 

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