designed for busy parents

Each day you’ll receive an email with a short reading that you’ll look forward to as your ‘aha moment’ as it offers insight and practical application.

You’ll be encouraged to begin a simple 5 minute daily meditation and reflection practice.

(If you have already begun to meditate or journal you will experience a lovely dovetailing.)

Daily time investment averages 15-20 minutes — and worth every moment of your precious time!

“The evening glass of wine is a treat instead of a necessity!”

I love this from today’s email! I committed with my yoga group to not drink for 40 days and it’s really shown me how my attitude toward that nightly glass has changed over the past year or so. It went from complimenting the dinner to OMG is it 5:00 yet?!

Another reason I love this cleanse is that it is one more example of how real you are Sandi and Melissa. I really appreciate this quality and it is one of the things that got me hooked on the MP3s.”

AB, California

  • hit reset and kickstart change

    Release painful beliefs, stories and triggers and let go of needing to control anyone else’s behavior!

  • cleanse your thoughts

    Flush out old ways of thinking and experience a fresh perspective and confident wisdom.

  • change from the inside out

    Raise confident, kind, responsible children without using punishment, guilt or shame.

“I am so thankful for my experience with The Parent Cleanse!

It has reaffirmed the skills I’m doing right and has helped me through some harder habits to break not only in parenting but my perspective on myself and others. The skills I have learned will be a daily practice for me as well as a continual paradigm shift!”

TH, Kansas


• Release toxic beliefs about yourself and your family
• Transform defiance into authentic cooperation
• Reduce the reactivity that fuels family battles
• Stop worrying, nagging, threatening or punishing
• Redirect painful or angry standoffs
• Turn annoyance into tenderness

• Grant yourself permission to take care of your own needs
• Release frustration in a fun and playful way
• Feel really good about your parenting decisions
• Shift the critical factors that contribute to power struggles
• Give yourself the gift of a peaceful heart
• Reclaim your power by parenting from the inside out

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Yes! The cleanse is for parents, step-parents, foster parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nannies and teachers. It is of great benefit to anyone living and/or working with children.

Answer: Sort of 😉 This is an emotional cleanse which may yield positive physical results! Stress, anger and worry affect our bodies. As you release unhealthy thoughts and shift your emotional set-point you may discover that your body feels better, healthier or more flexible. Cultivating a personal meditation practice is wonderful for your emotional and physical health. However, there is no food component to this program.
Answer: It will indeed! The cleanse was designed for parents of toddlers to teens (and beyond!) The material helps us understand and transform relationships with all people.
Answer: Absolutely! Include a note when you sign up letting us know who to gift it to (and their email address) and we’ll take care of the rest.

Additional questions? email us

“The course was so timely for my life. I have been processing through some issues from childhood with an excellent therapist the past month and the workshop tied it all into how it was affecting my family…especially my 2 year old passionate boy. We have really been in tune with each other the past week and the outbursts are less frequent because he is understood and not judged or labeled. Now to keep this progress up! It does not feel much like work because it feels so positive, loving and freeing but I do feel the challenge of old habit patterns flaring up suddenly. You have taught me to be proud of what I have become and to expand myself with positivity. Thank you for the encouragement to release the needs of my guilt and “over” trying. I will be recommending you to all my friends and family who are ready for this information! Thank you for the impact you have on my family!”

CC, Indiana

“Dear Sandi, Thank you so much for an amazing experience! Your ecourse embodied all the wisdom found in your podcasts and was presented in a way that made the lessons easy to manage while covering so many important ideas. The message on Day 16 was a real personal awakening. We have so much power in how we choose to think about our children (or any aspect of our lives), but it’s something we often forget. Now I have your class as my touchstone when I need to remember. Yours is truly a message of loving kindness, and I will always be grateful it found a way into my life. I also wanted to thank Melissa for the personal note she sent me regarding my wonderful and sensitive son. Please let her know I appreciated her message of hope.”

WV, New York