MP3: How Do Your Kids Know You Love Them?


Do you assume that by frequently saying “I love you” to your kids that they know they are loved?

This may be hard to hear. Words alone do not convey to a child that they are loved. We actually express love through 5 different types of communication — acts of service, quality time, receiving gifts, physical touch and words of affirmation.

We each speak a unique “love language.” Once you discover how to speak your child's language you can express your love in ways that your child hears.

If you speak the love language of “acts of service” and run yourself ragged doing for others and yet feel unappreciated, it's possible that your loved ones communicate different. Perhaps they prefer physical touch and your 'doing' feels unloving to them.

Discover your (and your child's) love language now!

Listen in and discover how to communicate with love that works for everyone.