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We are a mother-daughter partnership who understands how loving parents can be driven crazy by their child’s behavior.

Whether you have a toddler or a teen, we will help you end daily frustration and power struggles.

You will immediately see whining, tantrums and defiance transformed into cooperation, self-motivation and responsibility.

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Are you tired of going to bed feeling like a terrible parent?

We know you’re struggling and we’re here to help.

You can begin turning things around, right now.

(It’s not as scary as it seems.)

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    Coaching Magic

    You’re safe with us. We won’t judge you or your kids. We will lovingly hold you accountable as you meet your goals of raising well behaved, emotionally healthy, successful children.

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    Access Your Authentic Parenting Power

    A Columbia University trained educator was brought to her knees by her sensitive, intense daughter. They co-wrote this book to help parents just like you understand what drives your child’s behavior. Give yourself a break and find out what really works as you fall in love with your challenging child all over again.

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    MP3 Program

    Some of you hate reading books so we created this MP3 program. Enjoy!

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    Parent Cleanse

    We are inundated with toxic messages and beliefs. This 21 day eCourse gets out all the crappy thoughts you’re thinking about yourself and your children.

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    Talks and keynotes

    Our workshops challenge the status quo. We are shifting the conversation around children’s behavior, schooling and self-self expression in a radically changing world.


Free Ebook

Emotionally Healthy Discipline gives parents the wisdom to transform defiance into cooperation.

It demystifies why kids act out, what misbehavior is really communicating and how to handle tantrums without driving yourself crazy. It concludes with a new parenting toolbox with practical language to use with toddlers to teens.

Discipline doesn’t have to hurt

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