“Sandi, you are the epitome of an excellent leader. You magically touch everyone and everything you come into contact with…I watch you teach people, transforming them and helping them move into success. You open spaces and invite people in, guiding and respecting each person’s individuality while helping them to grow.”

Rosemary Jordano, Founder
ChildrenFirst Inc. Boston

“In recognition of the leadership and courage demonstrated by you and your entire staff on September 11, 2001 as guardians of the health and safety of the children in your care. In setting an example of leadership and civic duty, you inspire pride among fellow colleagues, citizens of the greatest City in the world, and all New Yorkers. Such a noteworthy display of excellence and honorable service truly reflects the finest character and spirit of all people in the Empire State. With sincerest gratitude and best wishes for continued success.”

George Pataki
Governor of New York

“…With thanks for the kindness, compassion, and generosity you radiant to all of those around you. Your incredibly dynamic parenting classes are informative, stimulating, non-judgmental and presented with limitless passion and compassion. You are a treasure.”

Rita Hurt, Site Supervisor, MSJC
Child Development and Education Department
Menifee, California


“So many ‘light bulb’ moments were set off for me. We had such an energy shift in our house over the course of a couple of weeks, from stressed and feeling out of control to a lot more joy and cooperation.”

Maura, Mother of Three

“Sandi- You are amazing and I hope the world gets to find this out about you. Parenting today is not like it was ten, twenty, thirty years ago and with your help in private sessions and classes you have helped us so much. There are millions who need this same knowledge that you have shared with us. America needs you on television!”

Polly, Mom of Two
Southern California

“Hi Melissa!!! Thanks so much for Sunday! It went much better than I anticipated. My husband was reluctant but he came out with an open mind. My daughter already asked me if she can do meetings with you privately. I’m so glad she likes you, I think it’s probably nice to feel like someone gets her. Thanks again!”

Marissa, Mom of Four
Southern California

“OMG!!!!! I followed your steps one by one and WOW!!! It was amazing. My son was so proud to have cleaned his room. We raced and made it fun. We were done in less than 15 minutes and no yelling. It was so amazing. I have shared your advice with many, many, many friends of mine. I thank you again for providing me with the confidence and knowledge to move forward. THANK YOU !! THANK YOU !!! THANK YOU !!!!”

Angela, Mother of Two
Southern California

“Melissa, I will always be grateful for the way you helped me understand my wonderful, sensitive son. I had a personal awakening.”

Wendy, Mom of One
New York

“I was getting down on myself and after working with you, Sandi, I feel more peaceful and connected with my teenage children.”

Larelle, Mom of Four
Melbourne, Australia

“Melissa, You changed how I communicate with my young sons. Their behavior has improved incredibly. Thank you!”

Linda, Mom of Two
New Zealand

“Melissa, my husband and I really appreciate all the help you have given us. We still have ups and downs with our son but now it’s more ups. We have been adding in a few consequences slowly and overall it is going well. I was wondering if you would want to grab a drink when you are in town? I totally understand if you feel like it is crossing a boundary. I have had such a great time working with you that I would love to grab a drink and have a few laughs.”

Andrea, Mom of Two
Southern California

“As always, thanks so much for your time last night! We so appreciate it and I’m loving seeing progress in myself!”

Kendra, Mom of Six
Southern California

“Sandi, America needs you. We love you and thank you for all the help you have given to us.”

Paula and Ron, Parents of Four
Southern California

“Melissa, thank you SO much!! My daughter and I are doing much better. I am much more aware and understanding of her sensitivity, and have learned to “let go” and trust she makes choices and reacts the way she does for her own survival. After our conversations, I have come to terms more with the fact that what I see with her is merely a sketch of the full portrait of what is to come and to just trust it will be fantastic. My perspective has been changing, and that is the best anyone could ask for. To be open minded and free of anxiety to let her grow to her full potential. Thank you for giving me the confidence to understand that! I know the road ahead will not be smooth, but the final destination will be worth it, I know it!”

Dana, Mom of Two

“After working with you I feel informed, enriched and empowered! Thank you again!”

Cat, Mom of Four

“You made it easy and I will always be grateful.”

Terri, Mom of Two
Isle of Dominica

“Melissa, you are doing holy work.”

Cyndi, Mom of One
San Diego, California

“Today I was reminded how far I have come in my relationship with my daughter. I see now the love bond between us is so strong and it pains me to think how damaged it was before I met you and learned what you have to offer. I just could not understand her big reactions. When I met you I was scolding this little girl for being so sensitive and so frustrated with her all the time. Everything she did seemed to annoy me and there was no love there. I did not enjoy being a Mom and would tell my girlfriends “don’t do it – it’s all a big lie!” Compassion and understanding was what she needed so desperately so her reactions were getting more dramatic as a result of me not “getting it”. What a huge difference – thanks again, truly, I cannot let you know how grateful I am to have received this information when we did. Now I want to just eat her up she’s so yummy! I am so proud of her sensitivity and intuition. You have been such a blessing to helping me love my children and love this journey of motherhood.”

Blue, Mom of Two
Menifee, California

“My family was blessed by your teachings! Keep up the GREAT WORK!! As far as I’m concerned you are the GURU in understanding children.”

Yolanda, Grandmother of Five
Southern California

“I sincerely appreciate you and all the tools, wisdom and knowledge I have been blessed to house because of your dedication to this work. Thank you more then words can ever express!!”

Theresa, Mom of One
Atlanta, Georgia

“Melissa, so much has been moving forward. Our conversations and your encouragement and heart has been so beneficial to my parenting and my business. Sending you lots of love and appreciation!”

Karina, Mom of Four
Parent Coach
Southern California


“Sandi, I love your parent workshops! The scenarios, tips and suggestions for handling a situation, in particular the dialogue, are amazingly useful- and the best part is that they work! Thank you so much!!”

GCO Manager, Solomon Smith Barney
New York City

“Melissa presented the class in a very unique and connecting way for us parents to understand and relate to our children on their level. Examples and metaphors used were extremely useful.”

Danielle, Mom of Two
Southern California

“Melissa, thank you again for your time and all your helpful advice. You helped me see my daughter through new eyes.”

Erica, Mom of One
San Diego, California

“Your passion and commitment to your work resonate in your being. Every parent would benefit from attending your workshops.”

Nancy, Mom of One
San Diego, California

“Dear Sandi and Melissa, my only reason for writing you is to say thank you and God bless you for your video about sensitive children. It has completely and instantly changed my perspective and my way of dealing with my wonderful, stubborn, freedom seeking, sensitive and very intense 5 year old son. We have always known he was sensitive and different, but your video just put the final pieces together in the difficult puzzle of living with and raising a sensitive, intense child. And already I can feel, that HE feels that i understand him better. Thank you so much.”

Marie, Mom of One

“I have been very concerned with my 23 year old’s decision to not finish college, even though he was a senior, and then to not get a job and still be “searching” for the right thing…in the meantime, my worry only hurts me, while he needs to follow his path….Thanks, Sandi, for helping me relax as I realize that he must go to his drummer, as I live MY life!”

Sue, Mom of Two
New York

“Thank you so much for allowing me to break the family cycle and be the mom I WANT to be. A week after me following your advice his teacher emailed me and asked, “What in the world did you do? His behavior is so different.” I don’t think I can ever thank you enough, but Thank you! ”

Angela, Mom of One
Lake Guarda, Italy

“Thank you so much for the outstanding parenting workshop you and Melissa presented at our library last night. It was helpful, informative, and inspiring. I think seeing you both work together as a mother/daughter team gave parents hope that there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks so much for sharing from your own personal experiences. It made the information shared easier to relate to.”

Ginger A. Safstrom, Youth Services Manager
Ronald H. Roberts Temecula Public Library

“Melissa, your insight has been amazing! Thank you for being a guiding light for my husband and for me.”

Maria, Mom of One
New Zealand

“Melissa’s knowledge and guidance is excellent.”

Katrina, Mom of One
Southern California

“I truly can’t believe how much I learned from a 60 minute class about my child. We have struggled for years and to finally know and understand why she does what she does and how to help her navigate through life feeling validated is one of the most comforting feelings in the world. Melissa is so wonderful and explains everything so clearly, great metaphors and you can really understand some complex ideas with how she explains it. I would highly recommend this class to everyone!”

Amy, Mom of One
South Korea

“I am a previous student of this great educator, Sandi Schwartz and I wish that her information could be taught in all elementary, middle and high schools to help students be truly prepared for relationships, especially parenting. I just know that Sandi can improve the happiness and health of children and their parents. She brings great insight, laughter and even tears to her workshops.”

Los Angeles, California

“Sandi taught me a language to communicate with my children, students, and even my husband. This language is based upon her philosophies of respect, understanding, and compassion. I have never forgotten her words. They made an impression upon me that changed my life.”

Mary, Teacher and Mom of Three
Southern California

“Thank you for the Work and Family seminar. I put your advice to use immediately!”

Sharka, Relationship Manager
CitiVision, New York & New Jersey

“Sandi!! Melissa!!! Wonderful ~ so informative and helpful. Hit home. My husband and I are going to participate in the 21 day Parent Cleanse. Please keep doing what you’re doing! Great lecture!!!!!!”

Kim, Mom of Two
San Diego, California

“Sandi, I attended your parenting class and since then my life has changed as well as my daughter’s. I have broken that traditional parenting style and I am now more open to do it joyfully and enjoy each and every day with my gift from above as exactly what she came here for. Thanks for helping me grow while simultaneously parenting with a better and bigger purpose.”

Stephanie, Mom of Two
Southern California

“I become speechless when I think of the impact that you and your passion for the wellbeing of children have made in my life. My two sons will benefit from your sensitive wisdom.”

Jorge, Single Dad of Two
Southern California


“Sandi, you tell it from the heart. Your extensive knowledge and expertise are only second to your uncanny insight into people. Your love of children and her dynamic personality make you a perfect hostess and interviewer for any topic having to do with people and relationships. Every parent and teacher can benefit from your insight and positive attitude. Every child can benefit from your love, it is contagious!”

Pam, Special Educator & Mom
Temecula, California

“I am so looking forward to having you here with us once again. The last talk you and Melissa gave was so informative and inspirational. I have been reviewing your book and am thinking that if it works out for you how about sharing some of the highlights in your book. I’m not kidding all the teachers so much enjoyed hearing you and your passion for children that anything you want to share is GREAT for us.”

Cynthia Layton, Director
Murrieta Ranch PreSchool
Murrieta, California

“Sandi and Melissa~ Our parents and teachers are asking for a workshop on managing frustrations, communication and, PATIENCE. You probably are creating new ways to reach parents and teachers with your enthusiasm and wise experience which comes from your intense inner work and from listening to your heart 🙂 We all look forward to our next workshop with you.”

Margarita Blatman, Director
Anne Sullivan School
Wildomar, California

“Thank you for agreeing to present at our director seminar. The directors always request that you be a guest speaker. They especially love your topics that relate to dealing with difficult or challenging children, parents and staff. Please say, Yes!”

Linda Middelton, Professor of child development
MSJC, Menifee, California

“Your passion and commitment are matched only by the love and wisdom you express. The world needs you.”

Sandy, Retired Administrator
Orange County, California

“I cannot thank you enough for your incredible talk. You helped me step back and look at the big picture. It was so powerful.”

Cassie Randazzo
Director, PALS Preschool

“Wow Melissa! Thank you so much! Your workshop was definitely favored among our nannies and it was such an amazing addition to the day!”

Megan, Nanny and Coordinator
National Nanny Training Day
San Diego, California


“What every child needs is to grow up feeling loved exactly as they are. When they do, they have self worth and live in a healthier and happier body. Sandi’s book can coach you and help you to provide what your child needs to live a happy, healthy life.”

Bernie Siegel, MD
Author of ‘Love, Medicine and Miracles’

“Sandi- You have the greatness of wisdom and a wonderful attitude. Thanks for being so gracious. Blessings.”

Howard Glasser
Author of ‘All Children Flourishing’

“Dear Sandi, I never had so much fun on an interview before. You are so compassionate to your audience, a keen listener and profound teacher. Thank you from a deep space in my heart for all the work you do for us parents and professionals. You are truly a gift to our planet.”

Kathryn Kvols
Author of ‘Redirecting Children’s Behavior’

“I loved talking with you–oh, were we on the radio? Thoroughly a pleasure! We are kindred spirits!”

Dr. Nancy Carlsson-Paige
Author of ‘Taking Back Childhood’