resources for raising highly sensitive children

Do you live with a child who seems ‘overly’ sensitive, has big reactions or just is “more” than other children?

1 in 5 people is born with a highly sensitive nervous system yet many of us do not know is how it feels to be that child.

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Self Care for Sensitive Children gives parents specific activities to do with children who need a practice of self-love.

The ideas outlined in this guide work for adults too! The practices are simplified so children (as young as 4 years old!) can begin incorporating daily rituals of self care, discover how good it feels to take care of our own emotions and realize that we have the resources inside ourselves to handle whatever life brings.

“Sandi, I cannot thank you enough for last night. I related so much to having one easy going child and one sensitive, intense child. You helped me step back and look at the big picture. It was so powerful.”
Cassie, California

Experience the magic of talking with an expert in understanding what drives your child’s BIG behavior.

“Traditional discipline” does not work with highly sensitive children.

There is an easier, more effective way.

We’ll show you the path of parenting with love and confidence.

You can give up yelling, pleading and feeling powerless.

Are you ready for things to change?

I’m ready!!!

“What an amazing experience Melissa! I will always be grateful for the way you helped me understand my wonderful and sensitive son.”
Jessica, Canada

“Melissa, you are doing holy work.”
Cyndi, California

Does your child notice everything, feels BIG emotions and have frequent meltdowns? This collection of MP3s gives you the understanding and tools to lovingly handle your sensitive child who experiences life with a deeper intensity.

1. Sensitive Kids- When Life Seems Overwhelming (40:16)
2. Intense Kids- Big Feelings, Big Reactions (30:54)
3. Supporting Sensitive Tweens (35:44)
4. Raising Your Highly Sensitive Child (43:49)
5. Change Your Approach to Change their Behavior (19:10)



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