Sandi Schwartz has been delivering inspirational seminars for more than 20 years. Recognized as an award winning, leading expert in child development, she brings a vast range of experiences and knowledge to her energetic and dynamic presentations. Her powerful delivery combines humor, compassion and wisdom, enabling her audience to experience a transformational shift. She is available for keynotes, corporate functions, school events, professional days and small groups.

Melissa Schwartz has rapidly become one of the most sought after speakers on the topic of understanding children with high sensitivity. She blends personal experience of the challenges that come with this invisible trait and offers solutions to change behavior and encourage children’s natural gifts to emerge. Her warmth, wit and vulnerability keep audiences attuned and engaged. Melissa is available for keynotes, industry events, guest speaking, small groups and other lovely opportunities not yet known.

Sandi and Melissa are available to speak individually and together.
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