Parents often brush their child’s cries for validation of their worth aside. Adults are so focused on their own issues that they forget to appreciate the essence of the child’s perceptions.

We can become so consumed with the pressures of modern living, earning money, and getting our own needs met that we become emotionally or physically unavailable.

When you forget to connect with your child, you lose a chance to strengthen the security and bonding vital for the healthy feelings that foster confidence, cooperation, and good decision making.

Your true power doesn’t come from controlling.

It happens when you seize each moment to help your child feel accepted and valued.

An unexpected hug, pat on the shoulder, note of appreciation or caring, recognition of effort, time spent together, acknowledgment of appreciation, and giant smile are all ways you can cement a bond.

Kids who feel good are more likely to make wise choices.

These tiny, seemingly insignificant flashes of connectedness are sparks that become the fuel for raising a child with a sense of lovability and worthiness.

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