It’s All In Our Perception


I was taking my daily walk when I passed an elementary school playground with children at recess. “You’re lucky!” a young girl shouted to me. “Why do you say that?” I smiled back. “Because you’re free to take a walk and I’m stuck in school!”

I thought that her perception was so interesting because just before passing her I was feeling kind of old, thinking that these children had their whole lives in front of them. Both the little girl and I were noticing what someone else possessed and what we lacked. I quickly turned my thoughts around and appreciated the beautiful day, the energy I felt, the love in my heart, the bird singing in the tree and I realized it is all about perception.

What do you want to focus on; What you lack or what you have?


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Sandi Schwartz

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Sandi Schwartz is one of the world's leading experts in helping parents understand their children. Sandi's compassionate wisdom has emerged from a unique blend of over 40 years as a Child Development Specialist and her willingness to learn more, self-reflect and tame her ego while raising her highly sensitive daughter (who now shares her vision for raising children using emotionally healthy discipline.)   Wouldn't you love to talk with Sandi and learn her secrets? Now you can! Click here to schedule a free consultation.

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