As parents we know how it feels to love our children and to also worry about them. I have learned, however, that while we can experience sensing the feelings of love and fear we cannot live in both at the same time. What does this actually mean? It translates in the way we respond and the way we react. Our behavior reflects either a state of loving, which comes from our higher stream of consciousness or a state of fearing, which comes from a lower stream. When we are connected to God and to the wisdom of our soul, we radiate love which is felt by the people around us. When we allow thoughts of loss or pain to constrict our connection to God we are controlled by anxiety which infuses our decisions and reduces our ability to be truly effective.

We cannot live in the vibration of love at the same time we are living in the vibration of fear. Sometimes we feel powerless to make a choice. The truth is we always have the choice.

As this week welcomes the holiday season, make a decision to practice, moment by moment, to live in love.


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