one tiny shift

This past weekend we experienced an extraordinary event. Around the world we moved a number on our clocks and now our entire day is affected by the shift.

This made me think about the power of one tiny shift.

Just wonder… what would happen if we were willing to make a little shift in the way we think about the people who hurt us? …or about the way we react to our children’s struggles? …or our mate’s imperfections? How would our story change? If each of us made one tiny shift in a premise that we used to think was our truth, in what ways would our lives change?

I have come to realize that there are different levels and dimensions of shifts. Some are as simple as turning the clock back an hour and some take conscious practice, day after day. The one thing they all have in common is that they begin with an intention to make a change.

I asked myself what tiny shift I am willing to make today…and the answer bubbled up quickly. Before I react, and speak what I think is my truth, I will take a moment to sit in stillness, quiet my ego and check in with my Deeper Wisdom…it always amazes me that when I am willing to push myself gently, like the numbers on the clock, a tiny shift changes the whole picture.


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