We still carry our little girls around inside of us and our physical, emotional and spiritual history sometimes gets in the way of being the mother we dreamed of being. Moms are just little girls who grew into a bigger body.

Becoming a mom is a rite of passage that can catapult a woman into ecstatic joy and heart wrenching pain all in the same day.

Our minds fill with thoughts of wonder and appreciation one minute and jump to terror and guilt the next.

If you can give yourself permission to believe in the magic and wonder that once came so easily to your heart as a child, you will be able to reconnect with the wisdom and truth that will set you free to move into your parenting genius.

In my forty years of working with children and parents and then coming home to my own family dynamics I learned that truth shines through when we quiet our minds, listen to our inner guidance and release the need to be perfect.

As I let go of old, limiting beliefs and replaced them with a leading edge system of understanding the children and myself, I found unbounded ability to love under any condition and to get clear about the way life flows.

Are you ready to let go of some of your old, limiting and suffocating beliefs about parenting and replace them with a system of understanding and living that invites unbounded love, clarity and flow?


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