I just came in from working in my garden. I usually leave the pruning and planting up to the talents of my husband but my perfectionist tendencies kicked in and I could no longer feel appreciation for the beauty that prevailed. I was immersed in noticing what needed to be done to bring the garden to a more manicured, attractive appearance.

My husband and I were exhausted from hauling and spreading mulch, dispersing river rocks, weeding, planting and cutting. Even though there was more to be done to bring the garden up to my standard of perfection we both gave in to the heat of the afternoon and I soothed myself with the reminder that tomorrow was another day .

The phone rang and I was greeted by a dear friend who said she saw something on television that morning that she couldn’t wait to share with me. There had been a segment on Zen Gardens. She went on to explain that Zen gardens have 15 stones in them and that they are carefully placed so no matter where in the garden you are sitting you can only see 14 at a time. She could not wait for me to ask why.

And of all the days of the year that I could hear the answer, I just knew that today was the perfect day. The reason you cannot see all the stones in the garden is to remind us that PERFECTION IS ALWAYS OUT OF REACH.

Once again I was touched by this amazing Universe and the way wisdom shines its light in our hearts and minds.

I walked back out to our little garden, breathed in the lovely summer air, noticed the crystal blue sky, appreciated the absolute beauty of this imperfect garden and thanked God for everything, exactly as it was.


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