I have a routine in the early morning that includes sipping a cup of coffee while checking my emails. Usually my dog is content to eat his breakfast and curl up on the floor while I’m deep in concentration. This morning he seemed to be off a bit… whining… wanting my attention. I could sense that I was becoming irritated with him.

“What’s with you this morning?” I asked, as if he could give me an intellectual answer that would suffice.

He just looked at me with his sweet little face and I reminded him what a busy lady I am.

A minute later he was whining again. “What do you want? WHAT??”

He ran off into the living room, his tail wagging as he looked behind, making sure I was following… “Do you want to play?” I asked, like it was some sort of crime.

I threw his toy and he went bouncing down the hall way, after it…. and in that moment I made the shift. I was freed from insisting that I had to go back to the computer and instead I thought about how much I adored this little being. I put all of my focus on his delightful energy and how much joy he brings me.

I then had a new thought. It was about how I take his playfulness for granted.

I suddenly had an image of a much older dog; one who had lost his vitality and no longer found pleasure in chasing a toy. My dog is almost 9 years old. The time will come when I wish he would pester me to throw his toy. I asked myself if the world would come to an end if I spent the next five minutes joyfully playing with him. I felt so grateful that I was able to consciously stop “doing”. For the next five minutes I just “beed”.

And so it is with our children. When they are young we are so very busy doing that sometimes we forget about BEing. In the early years we develop our relationship with our children through these moments of being. How many years do we really “have” with our kids before their world expands and their friends become their focus? Not that many. And yet, parents spend more time working, doing chores, texting, emailing, facebooking and car pooling than just being.

…And the time comes when we wonder how it all went so fast.

I know this for sure: When we ‘be’ with our children, they fill up with our love and get the message that they are valuable, worthy creatures…for no reason other than that they exist.

In the midst of your busy days~ I wish you the pleasure of just be-ing.

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