Ah; how many times has a parent felt taken for granted? 

Children seem to just expect that laundry will be done, food will be prepared, they will be chauffeured to activities and the ‘stuff’ of daily living will be taken care of….

The remedy for TFG is awareness, consciousness and an intention to cherish what is. 

We live in a society that bombards us with messages to live in the opposite state- where we walk around unconscious of all that is working and focus on where everything is breaking down. Just listen to people’s conversations- We are so aware of the negative political, economic, educational, social climate that our energetic states are frozen in the hurtful, adversarial stories we tell each other.

While we have little direct control over the headlines of the day we have so much power in the way we direct our own thoughts. I give myself a daily reminder to make a conscious decision to live in a state of appreciation. I look for something new each day to marvel about….

Today it was the trees on my front lawn. I so take them for granted. They are 10 years old and have grown into majestic beauties. The only thing I seem to notice about them is that their branches interfere with me getting into the passenger side of my husband’s car….mmm….so much for being appreciated! Today I took the time to stand under their magnificent branches and was embraced by a quiet, gentle beauty. I noticed the intricate markings on the bark on their trunk and the way the leaves are offering their autumn art display. I actually said out loud, “I do love you, beautiful trees.” I could almost hear them echo back to me, “And we love you too.”

I wonder how the energy of our world would change if we found something new each day to appreciate. Just for this day why not try it?

Include your children in becoming “appreciation detectives” and make it a game. Before you know it they may express how much they appreciate YOU.

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