I asked my daughter to put some of my favorite songs in my iPhone. She showed me how to create a playlist and told me I had the ability to listen to the songs in any order that felt good for me. I was entering a whole new world using this technology and I had to practice until it worked easily for me.

As I experienced the magic of listening to the music as I wanted, I realized that thoughts are like songs on an iPhone. We can choose to listen to our favorite thoughts whenever we decide to… It takes a bit of effort and focus to tune into where they are stored, and once we ‘find’ them we re-play the songs (or thoughts).

The challenge is with those negative thoughts that seem to creep in– we sometimes find ourselves listening to a ‘playlist’ that leaves us feeling anxious, overwhelmed, sad or worried. Sometimes you inadvertently hear a catchy song and, even though you don’t like it, it gets stuck in your head, repeatedly playing over in your mind. The best way to get rid of it is to internally replace it with a new song.

Thoughts work in a similar way. Perhaps we need to be as deliberate about our ‘thought playlist’ as we are about our music playlist. Today, see if you can make a conscious choice about the playlists that you allow in your mind. At first it may seem like a challenge, but just like modern technology, the more you do it, the easier it will get.


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