Who We Be

don't get so busy doing

Powerful parenting is not about what we ‘do’~ but who we ‘be.’ Since humans are not machines, the answers to children’s behavior do not come from a manual with specific instructions.

We are human be-ings and our parenting genius must come from learning how to be: be-coming our own authentic selves, be-holding the positive aspects of ourselves and our kids, be-lieving that life is about growing and expanding and then be-having ~ with unconditional love for our own inner spirit and the unique creatures we call our children.

As you move through your day ask yourself from time to time who am I being? You might discover that you are so busy ‘doing’ that you forgot about ‘being.’


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Sandi Schwartz

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Sandi Schwartz is one of the world's leading experts in helping parents understand their children. Sandi's compassionate wisdom has emerged from a unique blend of over 40 years as a Child Development Specialist and her willingness to learn more, self-reflect and tame her ego while raising her highly sensitive daughter (who now shares her vision for raising children using emotionally healthy discipline.)   Wouldn't you love to talk with Sandi and learn her secrets? Now you can! Click here to schedule a free consultation.

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