“You cannot change a circumstance but you can control the way you feel about it.”

This message has been coming to me over and over again in recent days. It has become one of my daily mantras. It is fuel for personal empowerment.

For most of us it is natural to observe and react. We have habits of reactions which have been developing strength since we were children. The more we react in habitual ways the stronger the brain fires and the more entrenched the behavior becomes. After a while it just feels ‘normal.’

It takes willingness to become conscious of our thoughts so we can catch the moment of empowerment that comes with shifting out of habitual reactions into a conscious ‘thought-feeling-behavior’ pattern.

Being aware of our ability to choose is freeing. As you move through this day, as you notice circumstances that are out of your control, sense the gap that allows you to shift the way you think and therefore feel.

Is there a relationship you would like to heal? Is there a risk you would like to take?

It begins by changing your thoughts which changes your feelings which changes your behavior.

As you move away from observing and reacting to observing and choosing you will stop saying, “That’s just the way it is” and begin to move toward your personal empowerment.

With personal empowerment comes freedom…what can feel better than that?


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