Kindness Must Be Modeled


There is a Chinese proverb that suggests this thought: “Peace in the world begins with peace in our homes. Peace in our homes begins with peace in our hearts.”

It is part of a parent’s duty to be a role model for their children.

If we want our children to be kind, understanding and empathetic people they MUST see that behavior modeled for them.

You cannot threaten children into being kind.

While we all want children to be ‘nice’ to each other, many children see their parents being ‘not nice’ to other people.

Are you modeling wanted behavior for your children?


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Melissa Schwartz was born an intense, sensitive, power seeker. Her passion for giving a ‘voice’ to the legitimate needs of children naturally evolved into becoming the co-creator of Leading Edge Parenting. Her expertise in being able to articulate the inner world of high-spirited children helps parents understand why what they're doing isn't working and offers step-by-step strategies to inspire cooperation, responsibility and develop health self-esteem.   Want to talk with Melissa to better understand your highly sensitive child? Click here to schedule a free consultation.


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