1. Children come through our bodies but we can never control their emotions or their spirit. We can unconsciously disempower & confuse their spirit.

2. When we train children to please others we teach them to lose themselves.

3. Your way is not the only way. You can release your ego & fear, thus encouraging your child to find his/her own path.

4. Free yourself from what other people think.

5. Always separate behavior from feelings of self worth.

6. Children mimic what they see, hear and feel. Be conscious of what you are modeling for your child.

7. Children need clear limits and consistent expectations. When their needs are met and they feel appreciated rather than controlled, they tend to be more cooperative.

8. Soothe yourself before you respond to them. You teach through your energy.

9. Parent from your heart. Give your head a chance to catch up to your heart.

10. When you learn to trust your inner guidance and realize the power of your  mind, you discover the true path to parenting greatness.


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