I get it. I understand how intensely you feel everything. Life is different for you. You are one of the lucky ones. I know you may think otherwise, but you are blessed. Many don’t “get” you but those who do, do. I understand you. I see you. I honor your truth. I recognize your perspective. I value your experience. I honor your willingness, courage, and determination. I get you because I am you.

You were born perfectly imperfect and there is nothing wrong with you. 

Do not let this world sour your sweetness.

Being misunderstood is simply a reflection of your divine complexity. You see, you were meant to stand out. Your purpose is clear. You are here to shake things up and change what isn’t working. That sort of rebellion is rarely met with understanding. Do not be dissuaded from your inner guidance. No one else can know your journey, your soul’s mission.